Monday, August 14, 2017

Gone Fishin'

Ok, not really but Lady is feeling a bit overwhelmed with the work and getting ready for mini-BAR etc. etc. so we are going to take a short blogging break. We are going to try and keep visiting you all as best we can. We will be back in a couple weeks! We will be ready to party when we return. Early September will march 7 years of having Hailey and blogging!

Friday, August 11, 2017

See Beautiful - The Beach

In the 1930s my great-grandparents had a  shack moved from a family property to the shores of Lake Huron (Point Clark, Ontario). 12 years ago my parents covered the cottage and the additions into their permanent home.

The front yard

I am the 5th generation of my family who has visited the lake. Our family always spent the first week after school there. We lived about 20 minutes away. We also visited over the summer and spent time with my grandparents and the extended family there. It is where most of my family memories come from.

My earliest memory is from there. I remember my great-grandmother putting me in her room for a nap. I couldn't have been older than 4, likely closer to 3. 

I was lucky to get to share the lake with the 6th generation - my niece and nephew.

There is beauty in memories, the beach, the lake and family.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thankful Thursday - Blogger Recognition Award

We are a little late in formally accepting the Blogger Recognition Award that Pets Overload honoured us with recently. We greatly appreciate being thought of for an award!

We are going to follow most of the rules in accepting our award.

We will share how we got started blogging and share 2 pieces of advice to new bloggers.

How this blog came to being:

Rewind almost 7 years ago and you have a crazy Lady trying to navigate her way through a challenging dog (aka Hailey). I wanted a place to show the people who had rescued her that she was ok and to share the journey of having a challenging pup. I created this blog, never thinking more than a handful of people would read it. Now, I am part of an awesome community of bloggers. 

My two pieces of advice:

Be yourself and tell your story. It is easy to be 'fake' and hid behind your computer, but people sense that. 
Have fun! My favourite posts from others are often ones where I can tell how much fun they had in the moment or creating the post.

Thanks again to Pets Overload. If you don't know them, be sure to pop over and say hi!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Wildlife Encounters

Lee sniffing under the deck, something is living under there

Besides our normal deer, groundhog (including the biggest one I have ever seen and we call Buffet) and bird encounters, we have had some animal adventures. None of which are photographed because walking with 3 dogs with wildlife makes it unsafe to photograph.

Here are some recent encounters.

-A coyote was dead in the middle of the road and Hailey had to bark at it the first day. It was there for about 4 days. Now Hailey wants to pee on the road where it.

-About 8 feet from us a skunk came out of the ditch. It was lifting it's tail but was not pointing at us. I froze. It looked at us, put the tail down and ran away. We stood (well I stood, Emma stood and Phod stood while Hailey jumped and screamed) in that spot until it was far away.

-We encountered a wild turkey and her brood of babies on a road. I just turned us around and we went the other way.

-We caught a mouse in our humane trap in our house. The Man took the poor little thing for a drive to release it.

Do you have any wildlife encounters on your walks?

Monday, August 7, 2017

Mischief Monday - Bad Bathroom Habits

Emma has not been happy to be here this time for a visit. She has been engaging in some very undesirable behaviours.
First, she has taken to peeing on the floor, especially in the night. Uncle Chris says she likes to go out in the night (this is how she got sprayed by a skunk in the spring). She doesn't ask to go, she gets up, goes to the kitchen and pees on the floor.  She asks to get back on the bed, so you know she had an accident. To try and stop this we are trying to take her out as late as possible and closing  all the dogs in our bedroom while we sleep. Hailey doesn't like this as she wants to hide downstairs.

Secondly, and more annoyingly, she has peed on the bed twice. Once during a nap with the Man and once at night with the Man. Note, both these times the Lady wasn't in the room. To help prevent this, she is having to sleep on a pillow on the floor. She doesn't like this. 

Man did try crating her while I was away last week, but no one slept.  August 18th won't be here soon enough! 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Happy 5th Gotcha Day Phod

5 reasons we love our Phod:

1.  He is a jokester - He likes to do things like jump into bed into your spot and smile and laugh as you try and move him.

2. He always counts his balls aka Precious' when he is putting one away to make sure they are all there.

3. He is very gentle and friendly.

4. Playing fetch (with Precious or in the house or in the lake) makes him so happy you can't help but smile.

5. He loves a good cuddle and generally leaves a lot of fur on you!

Happy Gotcha Day Phod! We are so lucky to have you as part of our family.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

We Missed You

Sorry we have been MIA. Life has been crazy busy for the Lady. She consulted out of town for 3 days, was home for 2, then off to visit her parents for 6 days.

Man did a pretty good job at taking care of us while Lady was away.

We hope to be back to a more normal blogging schedule for the next couple weeks, although it is going to be very busy as Lady tries to get all her work done before heading to mini-BAR without us.

FYI: Phod's test results weren't back last week when the Lady called. Our vet is away until Tuesday, so Lady will call again this week and see if anything was found. He is not enjoying having to eat less food! 

Hope our Northern Hemisphere pals are enjoying summer and winter isn't too bad for our Southern Hemisphere pals. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Phod at the Vet

A few weeks ago I mentioned that Phod was being picky with his food and at times appeared to have stomach cramps. There have been some other symptoms I have not discussed here but discussed with our vet Woody. They include: His gunky ears; being far more tired after the same amount/less exercise, even when it isn’t really hot; excessive panting; seeming more sore/stiff some days. Woody also noted he has put on weight. He is up 5 lbs from last year and is as active and not eating any more.

After a physical exam, other than maybe a little extra weight, Phod seems very healthy. His joints were fine, his coat was fine, the gunk in his ears wasn’t an infection, his heart and lungs sounded perfect. There was nothing physical to indicate a problem.

There are two things that may each explain some of his symptoms.

  1.  He has some food allergies/sensitives. We are transitioning him to a whitefish diet to see if this helps. Woody said it could take 8 weeks for us to really see a difference.
  2.  While he thinks it is a long shot, he asked that we test his thyroid. Phod was taken to the back room to have blood work done.
I feel a bit like a worry wart being a bit stressed about my boy's health, l but after our angel Loki and all his crazy health problems, I have learned to trust my intuition. Something is just a little off with my boy.  Food sensitive and thyroid are things I know I can handle, we got through immune mediated hepatitis that caused cirrhosis of the liver after all. To read more about that journey click HERE.

Paws crossed that we find a simple solution to help my boy be more himself.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Mischief Monday - A Horrible, Terrible Day by Zaphod

Dear friends,

You all know I am one of the best dogs ever and have ruined the Lady for other dogs because I am so good. However, my wonderfulness did not allow me to escape a horrible, terrible day, all constructed by her.

It started Thursday morning. After a nice walk, I wasn’t given breakfast. Lady went about her morning routine and didn’t feed us. I was suspicious. Then when it was time for her to leave, she told me I had to come with her too. Hailey and Emma got to stay behind. I was extra suspicious as she coaxed me into the car. I really didn’t want to get in, but I wanted to make my Lady happy so I slowly got in. I showed her and threw up in her car.

Finally, 87 million years later, we arrived at our destination. I was very excited to get out of the car and smell a new place. I was excited to go into the building and then I realized where I was. I was spending the day at camp.

While the people at camp were nice, I spent the whole day staring out the window waiting for my Lady to come back. I didn’t play. The people gave me lots of pets. I was polite with the other dogs, I sniffed some butts and everything but mainly I just stared out the window. Finally another 87 million hours later, Lady came back. She saw me through the window. I was so excited. When they called my name, I raced to the door to see her.

When I finally was reunited with my Lady I was as excited as I ever am. I jumped up, wrapped my paws around her and gave her a big hug. She laughed.  Then we went back in the car.

After a short drive we ended up at a place I kind of recognized. Lady didn’t take me into a building, we went for a walk. This was the best part of the day. Lady realized I had never been on a walk with her in the city before. I didn’t know there could be soooooo many cars. I didn’t know there could be so little green. It was very interesting and I enjoyed sniffing away.

We got back to the car and went into the building. I realized where I was. I was at the V-E-T. Everyone in the waiting room loved me, and gave me love. They all said what a nice dog I was. A dog snapped at me when I said hi and his people were mortified and I was confused. I was a good boy and sat on the scale. I got a drink of water cause I was very hot from our walk (it was in the 90s) and finally I went into an exam room with the Lady.

The vet, Woody (who Lady has known for almost 24 years) came in. While I didn’t like everything he did (why did he need to shove things up my bum?) he gave me some pets and food. I was starving. I actually went over to where the jar of treats were and sniffed the air and begged for more. Woody was nice and gave me more. 

Lady and Woody talked and I could tell some of it was serious. Then Woody took my leash and started leading me through the back door. I didn’t want to go. I turned and gave the saddest eyes I could to my Lady (editor's note - Lady's heart cracked in that moment) and she pretended she was coming with me so I would go.

After another 87 million years I got to leave the back with a bandage on my paw and go back to my Lady. We had to wait in this horrible place for ‘a bill’ and then we went home. I was so excited to be in the car I didn't throw up. When we got home

 I was so, so tired. After a nice dinner I just slept.

That was my horrible, terrible day.

Tomorrow, Lady will take the blog back and talk about what she and Woody plotted.

your pal, Phod