Monday, February 8, 2016

Mischief Monday - That Will Teach You!

While the Man and I were away, the dogs stayed in a kennel. They would like everyone to think that they were hard done by at the kennel, but the owner reports they were happy, most of the time. They were of course over the moon to see us! Phod looks like he lost a little weight and Hailey is the same. I have terrible guilt over leaving them there.

Being away didn't stop the mischief. At the kennel, they hung the leashes on the cage door. The leash destroyer, aka Hailey, got ahold of them. Thankfully I keep extra leashes just in case at home (the leash destroyer has a history of chewing them).

Last time she was at the kennel she chewed up a bed. I guess when you are at the kennel, something has to be destroyed. 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Sun Found!

Sun found, enjoyed and left behind. We are all home now. We will fill you in on our adventures this coming week and try and catch up!

What's new with all of you?

Friday, January 29, 2016

In Search Of Sun

We will be off line for a bit. See you soon!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Thankful Thursday - Best Boyfriend by Hailey

Everyone, I wanted you to know that I have the bestest boyfriend in the world.   Easy is my very handsome and thoughtful French boyfriend who sent me wonderful birthday gifts.

Isn't Easy so handsome???

First Lady put the package down so we could give it a good sniff. Being a good sister I let Phody sniff too.

Then our Lady opened it and took the stuff away so she could get a freakin' picture (her priorities are wrong).

Easy even thought of our Lady and included a little something for her:

Lady then let me have a little sniff time with the mouse toy. Easy sent it to keep our mice away! 

Because it is special I am not allowed to dead it. I do get very excited every time Lady turns it on. It makes beautiful music.


Thank you to the most handsome and kind boyfriend!  The treats are very tasty in my belly!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Almost Wordless Wednesday - In Memory

In memory of my grandmother:  June 3, 1922 to January 21, 2016

With my parents dogs Tendra and Barley

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Everybody Knows Shirley

Blogville Mayorz Murphy and Stanley have declared this week: "Everybody Knows Shirley." This is the opportunity for us to introduce some of our friends who others may not know.

We have decided we will share  a few of our many (Lady says we read about 100 blogs - no wonder sometimes she has trouble keeping up) friends with you all today!

Shirley everyone knows Hailey's cousin Ojo and beautiful Cobi from They live in beautiful British Columbia and have many, many adventures. Ojo does fetch, but Cobi does not.

Shirley everyone knows the tribe over at Another Canadian blog full of inspiration quotes, facts about huskies, and beautiful jewellery.

Shirley everyone has been following the adventures of the yoga kittens (and the rest of the gang) over at

Shirley everyone is as impressed as we are with the very talented Zoe and Phoenix at Their new hug trick is one of the cutest things we have every seen.

Shirley everyone who has read, wants to pack their bags and move to Hawaii like Gracie.

Shirley everyone is inspired to help and love senior dogs because of Kim at

Do you know Shirley?

Monday, January 25, 2016

Mischief Monday - Oh Phod

Last Tuesday I worked from home. As it has been bitter cold in the morning, I decided to take the dogs out for a snowshoe over lunch. It started well enough, Phod stayed close, and  came when called. We had just crested the last big hill behind our neighbours' house when suddenly, Phod was gone. When he has taken off on me before, I could always see/hear him. Hailey lost her mind but settled when we   started tracking him through the bush.

We came upon fresh deer beds (that is what I call the indentations the deer make when they sleep in the snow). There were at least 4. If I had to guess, the deer were sleeping and Phod found them and off they all ran.  I started to follow their tracks through the bush with all these great smells and fresh poop for Hailey. I got to a spot where the bush was thick and the deer had run different ways. With Hailey leading, I couldn't figure out which way Phod went.

I decided I would take Lee home and then go out and search for Phod. Lee and I trudged home. (She threw up on the way because of all the deer poop she ate too quickly). I took off my snowshoes, I put her in, and I grab my phone (in case he was found and someone called the number on his tag). I get my snowshoes back on. I open the garage door, and there was my handsome boy.

He knew he was in trouble. He sulked by the front door the rest of the day. He is not going to be able to be off leash when I snowshoe now. I am going to have to learn to snowshoe with them both on leash!

There is an upside to all of this adventuring, I had two very, very tired dogs!

PS On Sunday the 4 of us went snowshoeing, Phod on leash. We let him off in the backyard when we got back and he took off again. He came back and we had the opportunity to do the trail again. While I appreciate the extra exercise, I don't appreciate the stress that goes with it.