Friday, March 24, 2017

Contest - When Will The Snow Be Gone?

Hi Pals,

To celebrate spring we are going to hold a little contest!

Some information for you:
-We have had over 9 feet of snow this winter
-There is another half foot in the forecast (including a couple of inches today)
-We live in the hills outside the city
-The first winter we were in the house we had snow until the end of May, the next year it was much earlier:)

How to enter and the 'rules':

-Send an email to us to tell us what day you think the last of the snow will be gone at our house. We are including any space we mow as our yard and not all the bush.
-You can pick a day between April 1st and June 1st.
-One entry per blog.
-First come, first serve for the day! If the day you have picked has been taken (someone emailed us to guess that date first), Lady will email you back and you can pick another date.
-Entries need to be received by March 31st
-You can live anywhere on the planet earth.
-The winner will be the pal who picks the correct date or the closest date without going past it.

To enter - email us at leeandphodATbellDOTnet.

The yard last evening:
Yep those are wild turkeys!

On or around April 2nd we will share everyone's guesses (April 1st is Phod's bday so we will be busy celebrating!) We will post at least one weekly updated (maybe 2 depending on how crazy Lady's life is) to show you the snow or lack there of!

Can't wait for your guesses!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lesson Ten - For Phenny

While sniffing the ground is very important, it is equally important to look up from time to time. It is the best way to keep an eye on the tree rats!

Don't let a blizzard stop you from hunting

Monday, March 20, 2017

Mischief Monday - A Terrible Trick - by Lee

Dearest Friends,

Our people played a horrible trick on us on Saturday. After only giving Phod half his breakfast (he let them know he was still hungry, he never has done that before and they ignored him), our peeps put us in the car. They said that we were going to the park. We were excited. Phod threw up, even though he had half breakfast 6 hours earlier. 

We did get to the park and we had a great time playing and making friends. 

Me and not Phod but a Phod like dog

Phod loved rolling in and eating the snow

Getting ready to play

Phod chasing me
There were a lot of dogs because it was a beautiful day - with the windchill about -5C/23F, but I admit getting Phod to chase me was my favourite thing. At one point he was laying in the snow and I was jumping over him like a hurdle. Lady says if I could be trusted at home, this could happen more often.

Anyway, after a lovely run in the snow in the sun, we got back into the car and the car stopped at the V-E-T. It was time for my annual check up.  

Waiting for Woody

In our case, check up means the vet, Woody, who is a good friend of the family, and the peeps chat, while I get checked out. Woody said I look great and to keep doing what I am doing. I needed 2 needles and needed stuff sprayed in my mouth. I was very cooperative. Lady learned the Revolution we have been on isn't effective for deer ticks so Woody gave us something different to try this year. Lady asked him when I should become a senior as some foods say at 6, and I am now 7. Woody said when I am 9 or 10. He also asked if my prozac worked and my peeps said yes, they had some left to get us started this year. The rest of the 30 minutes was spent on human chat that had nothing to do with me or Phod. I think the time spent in this horrible place should be limited to our care - do you all agree?

Phod, the Man and I waited in the car while Lady paid. Our clinic is a 24 hour emergency one, so can be very busy (there were several critical cases, the Humane society dropped 2 cats off to be checked just in the few minutes Lady was waiting). Then we drove home. Phod threw up again because Woody had given him a cookie. I told him not to feel bad as Lady deserved it for taking us to that horrible place. 

Now you know how the Lady and the Man tricked us and ruined a perfectly good trip to the park with a trip to the vet. What a terrible trick. 

A tired and angry Lee

Editor's note: While there are vets closer to us, we do drive the hour or so (it is about 50km/30 miles) to see our vet. He has been a family friend for 23 years and I trust him. When he retires we will look for someone closer, until then we will see him. Because it is so far, we try and go early so the dogs can have a run at the park. Makes the trip a little more worthwhile.