Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Nemesis

Hailey has a nemesis, the little red squirrel. The little red squirrel has reappeared over the past few weeks. We first saw him during a morning walk when he came down his tree and ran 10 feet beside us, clearly mocking Hailey.

The little red squirrel has also been seen coming up to the back door, also to mock Hailey. 

The other morning Hailey started barking at the kitchen window. This is odd because the window is too high for her to see out. She was carrying on and I thought she was crazy until I turned and there was her nemesis, on the front porch:

Phod was completely oblivious to all of this. I am sure we are going to have more run-ins with this squirrel this spring!

Do you have a nemesis? 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Mischief Monday - Deja Vu

Saturday was a lovely day. It was the nicest day so far this year. We opened some windows to let the fresh spring air into the house. Man and Lady also had plans in town with friends Saturday afternoon, so after a walk down Lee's favourite street, lots of exercise and play, we went to town.

We came home later that afternoon to a disaster in the front hall.

Besides chewing the paw wiping towel, Hailey,

chewed up the leashes that I had not put in the drawer (thankfully I had an extra pair at home, will pick up another extra set next trip to the pet store):

and tried to get out the garage door again:

The damage is not as bad as the last time this happened, but is still upsetting. We know it was Hailey and not Phod, not just because of her history, but because she was the one with drywall on her paws. We have no idea why this happened. The window was open, did something sound louder? The last time this happened, August 2012, we had just moved into the house, and there was a terrible, terrible storm while we were out.

It feels like a defeat and it is going to take us some time to figure out what to do to further help our girl.


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Catch Up Saturday

Where did the week go? It wasn't extraordinarily busy, but it flew by. The weather has been nicer and we are optimistic we will see grass soon. The snow is almost all gone in the city but us mountain dwellers still have some. They are forecasting warm temperatures and rain the next few days, so that will hopefully wash the rest of it away. We won't talk about Tuesday's forecast!

The great thing about spring, is it makes for awesome smelling walks according to the pups. We have gotten to sniff fresh deer tracks and deer hair. We even saw a deer yesterday. The wild turkeys are back as well. We have mostly heard them, but did see one early in the week. Morning walks are now accompanied by the sound of birds and not just the crunch of snow. It is a nice time to live in the country.

My arm seems to be all better. I guess I just seriously bruised it. It never turned all the cool colours I had  hoped it would! Even with two good arms, I am continuing to use the couplers for the walks. Overall we have less pulling this way.

Now to catch up on all your comments:

Monday's post:
While I would never fence the entire 3 acres (with the bush and the hill it would be too big of a job), I would really love to have a big fenced area for the pups to run and play. This is not something the Man wants, so I don't know if it will happen. As for her latest escape, now that time has passed, I can truly appreciate that I did this to myself and realize how ridiculous it must have looked!

A Busy Weekend:
Hailey tries really hard not to jump up on her favourite guests, but can't help herself. If they manage to get past the front door without a jump, she gets them later. It is like she remembers, I haven't jumped yet. While this is an undesirable behaviour, it is better than angel Gemi's jumping and biting the people she loved!

He did it to himself:
Chuck 2 is Phod's favourite toy in the whole wide world. When given the choice between Chuck and his new frisbee, Chuck wins every time. Over the winter he has been chewing that big hole in it. I throw it, he runs into the deep snow, chews it a bit and brings it back. Sometimes when he picks it up, it flops over his face like that picture. What you can't really see is that he is holding it in his mouth! Man happened to have his phone ready when it happened one day, to capture it. It always makes us laugh! Phod doesn't care if we are laughing as long as when he puts it down we throw it.

Hailey's Big Adventure:
I am very proud of Hailey for her behaviour during her big adventure. Our first dog, Angel Loki, loved the vet, which spoiled us for the dogs who followed. I think as Hailey remembers seeing the vet at social occasions last year it helped her during the exam part. That or she was just so glad to get away from the Reiki lady . . . . I can't believe this lady either and I think if I thought she was a true danger I would have said something or moved.

Brotherly Love:
They melt my heart when they are so lovely. Yes, I was watching the food network. It is currently my favourite channel, which is funny since I don't cook.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hailey's big adventure

"Where are we going?"
On Monday, Hailey had the worst day of her life, a great adventure.  It started at 8 am when I snuck her into the car, leaving a crying Phod at home alone. A very anxious girl, nearly hyperventilated her one hour ride to location 1. Location 1 was day camp. I admit it broke my heart to leave my terrified girl at camp. When I picked her up a little bit after 5, she was ecstatic to see me. She apparently had a great day there. They put her in the room with the little dogs (which would likely be less scary for her) and she watched and did play with one dog.

The reason Lee had to spend the day at camp was because it was time for her annual check up. To make my life easiest as our vet is in the city and on the way home, she spent the day there. [There are vets closer to where we live, who I am sure are awesome, but we go to our friend and trusted vet].

We got to the clinic a little early (and then the vet was running a little late) and had to wait. Lee was very stressed but it gave us lots of time to practice her relax posed. While waiting another client came over and did Reiki or something on Lee without asking. I was slightly annoyed but decided not to pick a fight and Lee handled it like a champ, just staring at me. The client also gave a lot of advice on things I could be doing for my dog, I smiled and thanked her.
Practicing relaxed

Finally it was our turn. Hailey quickly settled down once we were in the exam room. Our vet Woody, sat on the floor and examined her, so she didn't have the trauma of being on the table.

Hailey's weight: 38 lbs (17.6 kg). This is within her ideal body weight range and she looks perfect. I am especially proud of this given how terrible our winter was and how our exercise was less.
Teeth: Fantastic (reinforcing my slacking on the brushing lately)
Overall health: Perfect!
She handled her shots like a champ.

Overall, she did very well. I put her in the car while I waited for her and Phod's heart worm, the cats food and to pay the bill. I was glad because our clinic is an emergency clinic and a couple brought in their dying cat which caused some chaos (and with Lee already being stressed I don't know if that would have helped). She slept all the way home

She came home (around 8 pm), had a little dinner (she got lots of treats at the clinic) and slept and slept. It was a big day for her. On Tuesday, while I was getting ready for work, she hid. I think she was afraid I was going to take her away. She has been fine since, so she has forgiven me!

Phod's turn will be in July!