Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Aunt and Uncle Day

Today is Aunt and Uncle Day. While, I won't have the opportunity to spend time with my niece and nephew today, we are seeing them later in the week.

Being an aunt is one of the great joys of my life. If only we could get Hailey to not be as fearful of kids, life would be easier when they come to visit. Although as I mentioned earlier this month, she did an awesome job when Maggie stayed with us.

The Man and Troy 

Maggie and me

Wishing all aunts and uncles a wonderful day!

Monday, July 25, 2016


Today is post 2000! 
Lady can't believe that in the past 6 years she has had 2000 things to say. Ok, she can, she is a Gemini after all.
Our pack has changed in these 2000 posts. We said goodbye to angels Gemini, Bagheera and Cinder (aka Nin) and we welcome Zaphod.
Hailey is the glue that has held us together, so today we celebrate her and the friends she has brought into our lives. 
Thank you all for sharing this journey with us!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Precious - Here and Gone and Here

Regular readers know that Phod is in love with his Chuck-It Ball, we call Precious. Given a basket of identical looking balls, he has a favourite Precious.

Phod with a Precious
For a long time his favourite was Precious 1. Precious 1 was so loved, he chewed a hole in it. Precious 1 disappeared last summer, but showed up again in the spring. Precious 1 was hiding in the thick bush that surrounds our house. It was found before the spring regrowth.

Phod was excited to see Precious 1, but his favourite was now Precious 3. (Precious 2  got stuck under the deck last summer). While he wanted Precious 1 in the ball basket (he checked it every day), he would pick Precious 3 to play with.

Precious 3 is currently in the bush and hopefully will return in the spring.

To ensure Phod had appropriate Preciouses available, he was given Precious 4. Precious 4 is now under the deck as well.

He keeps dropping the balls down those holes
So, we are back to Precious 1 and have introduced Precious 5. While he never loves the new ball right away and after a few days for it to become Precious. It is like it needs to go through a Precious in training program! Don't worry, we have 2 more back up Precious balls if necessary. We will keep buying replacements as necessary. Our vows with Phod include ensure you always have a Precious.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Why Are You Here? A Better Answer

At BAR (which was so, so long ago now - organizers when is the next one?) one of the organizers asked why we had decided to go.

The Man had a great answer - "Because the Lady told me" and I don't remember what my answer was, but I do remember I wasn't 100% happy with it. Here is how I ended up at BAR.

After our Loki died, our vet said we should get a schiperke. I had never heard of this breed of dog (Belgium Water Dog). He said he thought they were a good breed as they had very few health problems. After dealing with  immune mediated hepatitis that caused cirrhosis of the liver for a year that seemed like a wonderful idea. So I started looking into the breed and I happened upon an 8 month old puppy on PetFinder who was listed as a schiperke in our area.

That puppy was Hailey and soon she was calling our house her home.  After only a few days of being Hailey's Lady, I realized she was a lot of dog and I was going to need an outlet to help me cope with her. Also, I wanted a place where the people who rescued her could see she was having a good life. Through blogging (I was probably at least a year in), I found other dog bloggers and ended up as a citizen of Blogville. 

After reading so many wonderful blogs over a few years, and getting to virtual know some clearly cool cats and dogs (and people), when the opportunity arose to meet them and live my RV dream I took it.

So my dogs ended up standing on a picnic table in Indiana because of my vet. He suggest a breed which led to Hailey (who ironically we do not believe is a schiperke - we think she is some cattle dog mix), which led to a blog, which took me to Blogville, which lead us to BAR. 

It is not something I would have ever predicted, but I must say, something I am super glad worked out the way it did. Thanks again Woody!

PS: We have some special celebrating to do on Monday so stop by!
PPS: We are going to do our house tour on either August 1st or 2nd as our 4 years in the house celebrations. 
PPPS: We have a lot of celebrating coming up! 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Project Hailey - Storms

I personally love a good storm and now really appreciate them because I know that they will help cool things down (it was 40C/100F for several days last week). The dogs however, are not huge fans. Previously, Phod did not react at all to storms, but recently he has begun to show some signs of distress. Distress for Phod is wanting to be near us and looking concerned, it is not anything serious like Hailey's distress.

Friday I happened to be working from home when the storm rolled in. I watched the sky darken out my office window, heard the wind pick up through the open windows, and then the low rumbles of thunder. Both dogs were also very aware of these changes in the environment. As far as storms go, it wasn't a huge. It was a bit windy, a bit thundery and it did pour rain for a very short time.

Neither of the dogs were happy and they found peace sitting with me in my office.  The corner the left of my desk was their favourite. 

I was really proud of Hailey as she was able to be in my office with minimal pacing (she spent time in the corner as well as on the floor behind my desk chair). She didn't try to dig her way in or out of anything. She was just there. This is a big deal because evenings have been hard for her with all the fireworks. Her new habit for that is to go into the bedroom or bathroom garbage and rip something up. I will take this any day over more serious destruction. 

Only a few more months and we won't have to worry about thunder or fireworks. We will be concerned about things like snow . . . .