Monday, September 1, 2014

Mischief Monday - It is MY Precious Now

Last Thursday, Hailey had wind in her tail and she did the silliest thing. She stole Phod's precious from him. Not only did she steal it, she teased him with it. She was so happy, and Phod didn't know what to do. Here is a short clip of the 20 + minutes she teased him.

The reason she took precious was she discovered she could chew a piece off of it, so she kept it until she was done destroying it.


Here is the peace she chewed off. 

Since Phod was so sad, Lady took him to pick another ball (you will notice he has a few to pick from).


But Phod wasn't really happy with any of them, this is what he preferred to do. 

After about 20 minutes or so, Lee gave him his precious back, and Phod was the happiest dog ever!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Black and White Sunday - Off Leash Training - Project Hailey

Yesterday the Man decided to do some off leash training with Hailey.

It started really well. Hailey walked beside Man to get her cookies.

Then we brought out her ball to encourage her to run a little .


Then she caught a scent (a squirrel) and into the bush she went. 

Man had to go in and get her.

Off leash training was done for today!

Man, there is an evil squirrel over there!

Tomorrow Hailey has a play date in town at a dog park. She will get more off leash time then!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails - I can't believe I ate - by Phod

Today is the 2nd Fractured Fryday Hairy Tails organized by our pals Murphy and Stanley. The rules are simple, you can post whatever you want, but it needs to contain the key phrase.

Here is our Tail by Zaphod

I am a very good dog when my people are eating. I do not beg or carry on like Hailey does. I just lie on the floor waiting for my people to be done, no matter how good dinner smells.

Some nights I am lucky and get called over for treats, usually of the meat variety (my favourite). Well a week or so ago, the Man called me over for a new treat. As you know, I am usually very, very picky about what I eat. I turn my noise up at many things (unlike Hailey who is a garbage pail who will eat anything). I can't believe I ate corn on the cob and liked it!

At first I wasn't sure how to eat it, I tried to gnaw the whole thing.

Trying to gnaw it

But soon I figured it out and ate very daintily.

Chewing little pieces off

Now I know I like corn. Lady says all her dogs to date have loved a little gnaw on the corn. Do you like corn?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thoughtless Thursday - Example of a Good Roll

Today we are participating in:

Here is how to do a good roll - 

Get the left

Get the right

Stand up

Shake, shake, shake

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

From our time at the beach

Before the post for today, yesterday I came across this article, that as a dog mom, I found very, very interesting. Thought I would share the link with all of you. Click HERE to visit the Globe and Mail article: Mat leave and birth announcements . . . for pets? The rise of four-legged children by Courtney Shea.


Lady's mom recently sent this picture from last month when Phod and Lady went for a visit.

Lady and her dad had gone to visit Lady's grandmother and Lady's mom was in charge. She decided to have a nap and said something out loud to the pups like  "nap time".  Well, this happened:

Three dogs, Zaphod, Barley (chocolate lab) and Tendra raced to the room and all got up on the bed. There was no room left for Lady's mom. She had a great laugh but didn't get her nap.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mischief Monday - Poop Head

On Saturday, the 4 of us set off for a walk. It is actually very unusual for the Man to join us on walks, and the pups get very, very excited when we head out. So excited that at first I can barely contain whoever I am walking (on Saturday it was Phod).

By the time we got to the end of the street the dogs had settled down (and I wasn't being dragged down the road).  By the mailbox, Lee started to roll and when she stood up, she had bird poop all over her head.

We called her poop head. 

She was very, very unhappy after the walk when I had to scrub the poop off her head.

When asked, she said she would do it again in a heartbeat!