Monday, January 16, 2017

Mischief Monday - How We Kind Of Broke Him

This post contains a lot of human guilt.

Being a suck
We left the dogs in the kennel for 19 days while we were in Asia. This is the longest we ever left them in jail. I always feel tremendously guilty leaving them, but I have decided that I can't be the person who doesn't go anywhere because of my dogs. The kennel is spotlessly clean, has caring people working there and wonderful outside space. There are other dogs to play with. They ate an entire huge bag of treats that would have lasted at least 30 days in our house if not 6 weeks. No one came home underweight!

When we picked the pups up, they were over the moon excited (as expected). Phod who rarely jumps was jumping in circles. He had a rough ride home as they fed him breakfast (they always forget not to) so he got car sick. The first day home Hailey was stuck to us like glue but after that was more her normal self. The first day home my boy gave us the cold shoulder (in fact wouldn't take a treat from me, would only take a treat from Uncle Chris), but then actually slept with us most of the night (this is unusual). We assumed he would get back into routine in a day or two.

It has been over a week since our return and our boy is still not 100% himself. I can't be sure if it is all the kennel or also the weather (it has been very cold, or very icy which means he isn't getting the fetch he wants). He is just not himself. On one hand he can be a huge suck and only want our attention and on the other he wants nothing to do with us. I feel like we broke him a little.

Hopefully with time our boy will be more settled and happier.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

An Answer and A Birthday - by Lee

As many of you know,  The Doodz are hosting a Valentine's Day Dance. As you also know, my beloved Easy, was called to the bridge this fall. My heart was heavy imagining going without him. Then my wonderful friend Casey (who I met in the furs in June), who is also dealing with a heartbreak for the loss of his Ciara, suggested we go to the dance together, as friends. I think this is a wonderful idea, so my dear pal Casey, my answer is yes!

Friday was my birthday. I turned 7. Lady asked me if I was finally going to settle down and I told her no. I have things to do like share my knowledge of craziness with Phenny. Easy would want me to take care of him.

Phenny - Easy's brother, who I need to teach

First, I would like to say the Man forgot it was my birthday until the Lady told him. Lady was feeling a little guilty about the whole having me in jail at Christmas time thingy, so she did her best to make my birthday bright. I got some banana bread for breakfast, some pork chop for dinner and this new toy. I loved my new toy, but Phod pretty much immediately stole it. He said it was his. I told him no and he wouldn't give it back so the Man had to take it back - brothers!

My frog


Phod - it's mine! 

Overall, it was a good day and I am happy to be 7. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

It's the last day to join Louis's Endangered Species Challenge. I have my entry in, hop over to find out  how you can participate

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Asian Adventure - Part One

I am going to write a brief series about our trip. Many of you guessed right on Tuesday, part of our trip was in Singapore. We took an Asian cruise that started in Hong Kong and ended in Singapore. Unfortunately, 2 weeks before we got on the ship, it had an engine problem and 4 of our ports had to be cancelled. In spite of this change (which is truly a first world problem) we had a wonderful time.

The travel time to Hong Kong for us was about 24 hours. We had to fly Ottawa to Toronto and then Toronto to Hong Kong. The flying time to Hong Kong was about 15 and a half hours. These were glorious hours because thanks to the generosity of my late Grandmother's estate we were able to upgrade to business class. We had "pods" that went to a full lay down position. Having done this length of flight in economy (and wanting to die), this was heaven!

We arrived in Hong Kong at 7 am and were fresh enough to spend the day sight seeing.

Here are just a few pictures from our 2 days in Hong Kong:

A deer fetus is apparently medicine

I am drawn to contrasts in architecture 

In the bamboo

For a big city Hong Kong was fairly clean. While we enjoyed our time there, it is not a city we feel we need to go back to. It feels a bit repetitive.

Next week I will share another port/places we visited.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Purrs 4 Jamison

Blogville said goodbye to another friend on Monday. Dear Jamison from was called to the bridge.

We were just getting to know Jamison. Today we join his family, friends and acquaintances in remembering this beautiful boy.

Run free.


Today we also celebrate LeeLee's 7th birthday! More about the party etc. soon! 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Thank You Thursday - Thanks Sarge

Today is the first post in a series to thank our dear Blogville friends for their wonderful holiday gifts. Today, we start with our pal Sarge.  Sarge drew Zaphod's name in the Blogville gift exchange.

Zaphod was the most excited we have ever seen him to open the gifts. He knew they were for him. And he actually opened them!

Sarge thoughtfully sent 3 babies to Phod (who is super picky about food).

Hailey marched off with the elephant and then Phod was seen like this:

Please don't let Hailey take my toys!

He snuggled them for days!

Toy status now: crinkle bear is alive and well, elephant has a hole in him and poor duck is close to death!

Thank you so much Sarge for such wonderful and thoughtful gifts. They are being well loved!

Next week we will thank another friend (after we recreate the opening as our pictures were damaged during transfer to Lady's dying computer) . . . . . 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Teaser Tuesday - Part of the Adventure

Today we join Angel Sammy in a teaser Tuesday.

Here is a picture from one of the places the Lady and Man visited while we were in jail:

Do you know where it is?

Lady will share more about her adventures starting later in the week. She is trying to catch up on life and trying to get into the time zone!


People were kind enough to ask how the Big Guy was doing - he is doing well. It is a very slow process for the physical recovery, but he is getting there!  Thanks for asking!

Monday, January 9, 2017

Mischief Monday - Might As Well Have Gotten Coal - by Lee

Dear Blogville,

I was a very good girl in 2016. It was probably my best year ever. I didn't eat a wall or anything. Yes, I barked all night a few times, but then Lady got me medication and I was champ at taking it. In spite of being so awesome I ended up in jail for 19 days over Christmas. That is right, my adventure was being in a cage with Phod for 19 days - might as well have been 87 million days.

In jail, we got nothing but food and treats. We were only allowed to play with 2 other dogs during play time because Phod and I act strangely around other dogs when we aren't with our people. We didn't get to open presents on Christmas. In fact, if it wasn't for our wonderful Blogville friends (who we will formally thank later this week -iPhoto lost about 300 of Lady's trip pictures including us opening them so we will have to recreate it) we would have gotten nothing. Lady and Man never got around to getting us a darn thing!

Lady says she is going to make up for it on the weekend. Friday is my birthday and she says we will have a whole weekend of celebrating. I would give her the stink eye if I wasn't so thrilled to be home.

We are going to do our best to catch up (it is a lot) - to help us out, let us know in the comments if we missed anything big!


Lee and a very sad Phod