Saturday, October 25, 2014

Precious is Back

After 2 searches for Precious, Phod had resolved that his Precious was gone. He accepted the other chuck it ball as his new Precious.

On Thursday morning, I had the dogs out for their walk around the yard (this is our second walk of the morning after our long walk first thing). On this walk, Lee is on leash and Phod plays chuck as we walk around our property.

I had thrown the ball and Phod was off in the bush hunting it, when Hailey starts to do crazy dog in the leaves. She was running in circles and she is spinning me around. I am laughing and getting very dizzy.  As she stopped spinning, I look down and there is Precious. It must have been under the leaves and when Lee and I were spinning we kicked it up.

Phod had found ball 2 and was heading toward me. I reached down and picked Precious up and say "Phod, look it is Precious."  I wish I had my camera because Phod's eye lit up, he immediately dropped ball 2 and came running over to take his Precious back. He was the happiest boy ever.

Phod and Precious BFFs reunited

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Halloween Count Down - Emma Has Some Fun

First, we would like to say we are shocked from the tragic events that took place in Ottawa yesterday. I (the Lady) work in Ottawa, not downtown, but I drive through the downtown everyday. Canada is not a country use to events with gunmen and it is very upsetting (I got nothing done at work other than read twitter yesterday).

I would like to thank the solider, whose life was so casually taken, for serving our country. My thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.

Thank you to all the first responders who did their best to keep everyone else safe. 

Ottawa will be strong. We will not let terrorists take away our freedom. Many Canadians have already made the ultimate sacrifice for this freedom, and we their ancestors will do the same. 


Now, on to a fun distraction from the horrors that can be the real world - Emma in a costume.

As a witch

As a warewolf

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Roo - A Great Toy

While I was away, I had approximately 20 minutes in a TJ Maxx. This is not very much shopping time for a Canadian in the US, but it was better than nothing. My favourite part of TJ Maxx (and Winners in Canada, they are owned by the same company) is the household and pet area, so this is where I spent my time.

I tired to resist getting something for the pups, but I couldn't help myself and I bought them a kangaroo. I wish I had taken a picture of Roo before giving it to the dogs, but after 30 minutes of play, Roo looked like this:

Roo was a wonderful toy, who was much loved, and they had a great time playing with it.

Tugging Phod

Lee sniffing Roo

More Tugging

Lee watching Phod play

Monday, October 20, 2014

Mischief Monday - Precious Runs Away

If you read the blog regularly you will be familiar with Precious, Phod's favourite ball.

Phod with Precious

On Sunday, after being away for 4 days, I decided to take Lee for a special walk through the woods while Man and Phod played with Precious. Lee and I were having an ok walk (she was very excited and not the best walker) when Lee paused. I assumed it was because there was a deer or other wildlife, but then I heard the familiar jingle of Phod's collar. It seemed Phod had another idea, to come and find Hailey and I. I am sure he thought I was lost. He had a big smile as he came running up the path to see us. I didn't have a leash for him, but he was a good boy and stayed with me as we walked back. When we got back to the house and Man says "does he have his ball?"  and I say "no".

What happened was Phod had been playing ball. The Man told him to go poop as it appeared he had to and Phod understood this as "Find Lady". He had taken off with the ball, but arrived with me without it. So somewhere in the bush is Precious. After a walk on the path, we are sure it is gone forever. My guess is that Phod took a short cut through the bush to find us and didn't stay on the path so unless he goes back into the bush and finds it, it is gone.

Here is how Phod feels about having to learn to like one of the 10+ other balls we have:

"I don't want a new ball, I want Precious."